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Trojan Athletics

Millcreek Township School District


Trojan Athletics

Millcreek Township School District

Trojan Athletics

Millcreek Township School District

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1 month ago @ 10:38AM

Wrestling Beginners - Fall Session


Basic Info: McDowell youth wrestling is beginning a Fall program for younger students in grades K, 1, 2 who have no experience in wrestling. We will take kids with 1 year experience but prefer to have kids with little to no experience.

More info: McDowell youth wrestling, and youth wrestling as a whole is a winter sport. The registration for the winter season begins in early November. The season has 2 youth groups. Advanced and Novice. Advanced typically consists of kids with a few years of wrestling or older kids in 5 grade or above. Novice typically consists of beginners or 1 year experience at the most. Often times these are younger kids 5-8 years in age. The winter season also has competitions for each group. The Fall season does not.

Practices: Practices will be at McDowell Sr. HS. In the wrestling room. Enter the gym doors to access the wrestling room which is in the basement.. Practices will be broken down into warm up routines, skill development, concepts, games, and small competitions within the group of kids we have. We hope to give anyone wanting to register for our winter program a head start.

Coaches: This program will be ran by Tim Simon who is the head wrestling coach at McDowell HS. Tim has coached at all levels of wrestling over his 20+ years of coaching having coached multiple kids and teams to state and national awards. Tim has also taught Physical education at all levels and understands the dynamics of teaching and coaching and all levels of learning! Also assisting will be the HS wrestlers of the McDowell wrestling program.

Contact info: Please contact Tim Simon at for further details or questions.

Registration: You must register online. There are only 35 spots available to ensure the proper student to coach ratio exists. Registration will be $75 and will include a Tshirt for each wrestler.

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